Honey Mushroom (Armillaria mellea) on Grains


5 litres bag mycelium on grains for growing on substrate Honey Mushroom (Armillaria mellea)

Honey Mushroom (Armillaria mellea)

Honey Mushroom is widely distributed and found in various regions around the world. They have a distinct appearance characterized by a honey-colored to light brown cap that can range from convex to flat. They are a source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (including B vitamins), and minerals (such as potassium, phosphorus, and copper). Additionally, they contain antioxidants and other bioactive compounds.

They offer a range of potential health benefits due to their nutrient composition and potential bioactive compounds. They can be a nutritious addition to meals and contribute to a balanced and varied diet.

They also:

  • Provide important nutrients while being low in fat and calories.
  • Contain antioxidants, which help protect the body against oxidative stress caused by free radicals
  • Certain compounds found in Honey Mushrooms may have immune-boosting properties.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and contributes to regular bowel movements.

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Weight 3 kg


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