Brown Champignons and Shiitake Set – 2 Ready-Made Packages for Growing at Home


Brown champignons mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) and Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) mycelium. 2 x 3l packages for growing mushrooms at home


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We have made sure that there are always fresh and tasty mushrooms in your kitchen. That’s why we present sets for growing mushrooms at home. From now on, you can pick mushrooms whenever you want. What’s more, you don’t need to look for them in the forest or in the store, because thanks to our sets you can grow them yourself.

Champignons cultivation set:

. first harvest: after about 20 days;
. growth temperature: + 12ºC – + 24ºC;
. workload: low;
. set capacity: 3L;

Shiitake mushroom cultivation set:

. first harvest: after about 5-15 days;
. growth temperature: + 12ºC – + 21ºC;
. workload: low;
. set capacity: 3L;


A special mini-greenhouse ensures sufficient humidity, which means that it can be grown practically anywhere: in the kitchen, garage, basement, etc.





The brown champignons set includes:

  • the substrate is infected with the mycelium of brown champignons mushrooms;
  • mini greenhouse for cultivation;
  • growing instructions.

Shiitake set includes:

  • the substrate is infected with the mycelium of shiitake mushrooms;
  • mini greenhouse for cultivation;
  • growing instructions.

If you care about what you and your family eat – this set is just for you.

Champignons mushrooms have useful properties:

  • linoleic acid, which has a strong anti-cancer effect;
  • anti-scarring lectin;
  • vitamins B, C, D and K, niacin and biotin.

The Shiitake mushrooms has been cultivated in Japan for centuries for its powerful medicinal properties, which have been confirmed by numerous studies. Regular consumption of these mushrooms lowers cholesterol. Features:

  • lowers blood cholesterol;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • helps fight stress;
  • stimulates the immune system to fight cancer cells;
  • slows down the body’s aging processes.
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Growing manual

Manual for growing white or brown mushrooms

The kit includes a substrate with mycelium and a peat cover packed in a separate bag.  Sprinkle the peat evenly over the entire surface of the compost with mycelium (don’t tap it, just spread it loosely). The thickness of the applied layer should be about 3 cm (the rest of the peat can be used during the next mushroom harvest). The peat cover should always be moist, so it should be well moistened, for example with a sprinkler for watering the plants.  WHEN THE COVER IS WET, DO NOT WATER. Cover the prepared crop with a transparent bottom and leave it for about 8-10 days at a temperature of 20 ºC – 25 ºC. After this time, a white coating will appear on the surface of the cultivation – this is mycelium, which should be torn apart using, for example, small gardening rake or fork and evenly spread over the surface of the peat.  At this point, the entire crop should be placed in a cool environment, where the temperature should be 14 ºC – 18 ºC. If the mycelium is kept in room that is too warm, the harvest may be smaller and fungal diseases may occur. To obtain optimally high yields, the substrate with mycelium should be ventilated. For this, it is enough to remove the transparent bottom several times a day and leave the box open for a short time. Note: The moisture content of the peat should be checked every day and, if necessary, carefully moistened. If the peat cover is too moist, the mushrooms may suffocate, if it is too dry, the small mushrooms will die in the top layer of peat. The first mushrooms will appear after about 20 days. They should be twisted carefully so as not to damage the remaining smaller mushrooms. After harvesting, the surface of the substrate should be thoroughly cleaned of the remains of fungal residues, as they immediately attract mycelium-eating pests. You can get about 3-5 harvests from the purchased substrate. Between each harvest there is a break of about 7-14 days. You should still remember to maintain the appropriate moisture of the top layer of peat. The total yield can be about 30-40% of the weight of the substrate.

SHII-TAKE Growing Manual

The kit consists of a substrate of sawdust overgrown with shiitake mycelium packed in a foil bag. Cultivation: Remove the substrate from the foil and put it in water for 24 hours (it is best to use a bucket of water and a heavy object to press the substrate so that it is completely submerged in water), then place it in a container, covering it with a transparent bottom. Put the whole thing in a bright place, but not exposing it to direct sunlight. The temperature at which the cultivation will be carried out should be maintained at the level of 15ºC – 19ºC. If you see mushrooms after removing the substrate, the immersion step can be skipped. In the phase of formation and growth of mushrooms, access to fresh air and high humidity are necessary. For this, it is enough to remove the transparent bottom several times a day and leave the box open for a short time. To ensure proper humidity, the inner walls of the container in which the substrate is placed can be moistened using, for example, a sprinkler for watering plants. Fruiting bodies should be collected daily by cutting out the most mature mushrooms. After harvesting, which takes about 2 weeks, the substrate should be cleaned of all dead material, placed in a plastic container and left for a so-called “resting phase” lasting 14-30 days in a humid and warm place. A container with a closed transparent bottom will protect the substrate from drying out. After the rest phase, the substrate should be immersed in water again for 24 hours. Such a production cycle should be repeated 3-5 times, observing the above-mentioned rules.

We wish you a successful harvest.



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