Oyster Mushrooms – the Package is Ready for Growing at Home


Weight: 1.5 kg

Cultivation location: cool place at home

First harvest: 1-4 weeks

Estimated yield: is 20-60% of substrate mass

Growing temperature: + 5ºC – + 21ºC

Workload: very low

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Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)

We have made sure that there are always fresh and tasty mushrooms in your kitchen. That’s why we present sets for growing mushrooms at home. From now on, you can pick mushrooms whenever you want. What’s more, you don’t need to look for them in the forest or in the store, because thanks to our sets you can grow them yourself.

Growing set for Oyster Mushrooms:

first harvest: after about 2-4 weeks;
growth temperature: + 5ºC – + 21ºC;
workload: low;
set size: 3 liters;

A special mini-greenhouse ensures sufficient humidity, which means that it can be grown practically anywhere: in the kitchen, garage, basement, etc.

The set includes:

  • the substrate is infected with the mycelium of oyster mushrooms;
  • mini greenhouse for cultivation;
  • growing instructions.

If you care about what you and your family eat – this set is just for you.

In addition to the undoubtedly great taste, oyster mushrooms have many healing properties:

  • lowers blood sugar and regulates cholesterol;
  • strengthens blood vessel walls;
  • reduces pressure in the eyeballs;
  • contains substances used to treat neoplastic diseases;
  • strengthens the body’s immunity.
Weight 1.4 kg

Growing manual

The set consists of a substrate overgrown with oyster mushroom mycelium. Cultivation: On the bag in which the substrate is located, gently cut the “X” mark with dimensions of 3 cm-3 cm and tilt the foil at the incision site, then place the substrate in the container, covering it with a transparent bottom from above. The temperature at which the cultivation will be carried out should be maintained at the level of 10ºC – 18ºC. In the stage of formation and growth of mushrooms, access to fresh air, high humidity and access to light for 8-10 hours a day are necessary. To do this, it is enough to remove the transparent bottom several times a day and leave the box open for a short time (about 20-30 minutes). To ensure proper humidity, the inner walls of the container in which the substrate is placed can be moistened using, for example, a sprinkler for watering plants. Mushrooms like moisture, but they can’t get wet. This applies to both the substrate with the mycelium and the fruiting bodies themselves. Mushrooms are harvested when the edge of the cap of the largest specimens begins to straighten. The entire clump should be collected. Cutting out a few fruiting bodies and leaving others will cause them to die. After harvesting, the substrate should be cleaned of all dead residues, placed in a plastic container and left for a so-called “resting phase” lasting 14-30 days. A container with a lid will protect the substrate from drying out. To activate the substrate for another crop, immerse it in cold water for 24 hours or put it in the fridge, and then place it in a container, covering it with a transparent bottom. Such a production cycle should be repeated 2-3 times, observing the above-mentioned rules.


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