Nameko mushrooms – The package is ready for growing at home


Weight: 2 kg

Place of cultivation: in a cool place at home, in the basement or in the shade in the garden

First harvest: 4-8 weeks

Growing temperature: + 15ºC – + 28ºC

Harvest: 20-60% of substrate mass

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A ready-made package of Nameko mushrooms for home cultivation

NAMEKO mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms in Japan, but it is also cultivated in China and Korea. Due to its proven healing properties, Nameko is classified as a medicinal mushroom.

In nature, it is found on the logs of oak and beech trees. It has 4-8 cm diameter caps that are slightly convex or flat and are honey brown in color. The surface of the hat is shiny and sticky.

The set includes:

• substrate with mycelium
• peat coating in a separate bag
• mini greenhouse for cultivation
• growing instructions



Health promoting properties of Nameko mushroom according to the literature:

  • has immunity-boosting properties
  • stimulates thought processes
  • they are a source of vitamins, especially B group, and minerals
  • adds energy
  • has anticancer efficacy
  • has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
Weight 3 kg


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