200 Holes Capsule Filling Machine size 0


200 holes CAPSULE MACHINE size 0

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Material: ABS
Purpose: Used only for filling empty 0# capsules with powder (capsule can be normally filled if the capsule is slightly deformed)
Package List: 1 x Base Plate 1 x Body Plate 1 x Arrangement Plate 1 x Middle Plate 1 x Powder Pressing Plate 1 x Powder Pressing Plate Handle 1 x Powder Scraping Plate 1 x Powder Separator 1 x Instruction


  1. The new semi-automatic precision capsule filling plate is made of a one-time cast ABS, which is more precise and durable than capsule devices made by manual drilling and adhesive sticking on the acrylic plate available in the market.
  2. Beautiful designs, circular arc processing around the product, convenient operation. Bright color, good strength, thick material.
  3. Precise size, easy to use, quick and convenient filling, uniform filling.
  4. Imitating mechanical designs for automatic arrangement, fast capsule arrangement speed, and high-speed automatic arrangement.
  5. Automatic layout of the entire plate, automatic filling of the entire plate with powder, cover and lock the entire plate, high work efficiency and high qualified capsule speed, making it an ideal non-mechanical capsule filling tool.
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