Vermiculite 3L: Horticultural Aid, Soil Conditioner, Plant Growth Enhancer


Vermiculite 3L: Horticultural Aid, Soil Conditioner, Plant Growth Enhancer

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VERMICULITE – is an excellent, natural mineral substrate widely used in gardening and aquariums.

  • higher yields compared to traditional cultivation
  • has a high capacity to absorb and store water
  • ensures a long plant life
  • as an admixture to substrates, it facilitates soil aeration
  • clearly increases the humidity around the root system of the plant
  • no risk of excessive watering of plants

It is a sterile and very light substrate. It has a high sorption capacity – it swells when in contact with water, therefore it can be used with perlite, peat, soil in plant production.


  • As a soil conditioner – when the soil is too heavy, compact or sticky, the addition of vermiculite creates special channels that allow the substrate to aerate, which results in faster plant growth.
  • Retains water and nutrients – a characteristic feature of vermiculite is the ability to absorb and store water while making the stored water available during periods of demand (drought), therefore it can be successfully used in the case of too sandy substrates because it helps to retain water and air – factors determining the development of plants.
  • Planting seedlings – just pour vermiculite, water thoroughly and plant the seedlings.
  • Seed germination – you can use vermiculite alone or mix it with peat to avoid problems with watering.
  • Potted plants – adding it to the soil, peat or compost provides excellent control of moisture and soil aeration.
  • Bulbs – we cover the tubers with vermiculite, which acts as a regulator preventing mold and humidity fluctuations, additionally protects against too rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • Weight: 950g
Weight 1 kg

50 g, 100 g, 500 g


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